Free Redwoodjs Developer Sticker

Free Redwoodjs Developer Sticker

As you know I am writing various blogs on free swags form many days. Today I am back with a new opportunity for free developer swags in 2020. There are many developer goodies and free swags opportunities and I am sharing with you. If you appreciate please leave a comment it really motivates me to write more blogs.

Today I am sharing how to get free Redwoodjs stickers in Indian in 2020 and 2021. Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, serverless web application framework that will allow you to build and deploy JAMstack applications with ease. They are offering free stickers to all those who fill a simple form. I was aware of this opportunity form a long but I waited till I received swags to share with you. Today, I received RedwoodJs free stickers and I am sharing their form link with you to get free stickers.

How you will receive free stickers?

Just fill this form and make sure your address is short( Max 60 character) either it will be not printed and you will not receive stickers. And also there is no mobile number so make sure your address is deliverable without a mobile number.

 Click Here To Free Form For Free Stickers

Other swags opportunity?

There is an awesome opportunity from Civo cloud. Civo cloud is sending free mugs, stickers, and other t-shirts to its beta testers.

How to become a Civo beta tester and receive swags?

  1. Click the below link to visit the program website.

Click Here To Become Beta Tester

  1. Now there click on the “Apply to Join Today” button.
  2. Now fill in your personal details here. Make sure you fill in Github and Twitter username if you have. It will increase your chance of acceptance (Acceptance Rate 70%)
  3. Now it’s asking two questions.

Anything you would like to tell us about you?

Here describe you in 30-50 words. You can describe yourself as a cloud enthusiastic and other cloud-related skills for a higher chance of acceptance. Make sure it’s above 30 words. Don’t describe your college and branch things here. Describe like you have interest in the cloud and used cloud services like AWS and GCP previously.

What experience do you have with Kubernetes?

Here you can describe that you have worked with an open-source project of Kubernetes. In my case, I use Google Kubernetes Engine. You can also describe that you are interested in Kubernetes and willing to do beta testing.

  1. Now again it’s asking two more questions-

How you will help us to develop an awesome Kubernetes service?

Here describe that you will report issues you will face using k3s-powered and managed Kubernetes service. You will also give you feedback on the improvement of service.

What do you think makes a great Kubernetes service?

Here describe that a great user experience, high availability, and scalable service makes it a great experience. Kubernetes service also should be with high uptime, reliable, and affordable.

  1. In a day or two, you will receive an email that you have been accepted into the beta tester program. 
  2. Now login into your Civo cloud account and click on Kubernetes. 
  3. Now click on create my first cluster.
  4. Now give any name and choose any size. (Don’t worry you have 70$ credit you don’t need any credit card or anything.) And finally, click on create a cluster.
  5.  Once you created a cluster, go to your account setting and fill in your address. You will receive an email soon that your free swags are shipped. 

Thank You! Hope you liked the tutorial and will get some free swags. Also, check out other blogs on free swags and write to me at or for any query. 

Also, I am looking for a T-shirt design intern and a WordPress Developer Intern (Basic Knowledge Of WordPress). Please send your resume to 

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