Free Developer Stickers GitHub

Free Developer Stickers GitHub

Free Developer Stickers GitHub

I don’t know any developer who doesn’t love swags and developer goodies. I received an average of 10 swags parcel every month. But for beginners, it’s really hard to get their first swags. My love for swags is extreme. I just love free stuff or freebie. I have participated in 100+ student partners or ambassador programs just for swags and usually write emails to for-profit and nonprofit organizations for swags.

Today I will explain to you how I got my first swag in India. And it’s still live and you can get on as well in just 5 minutes. They are shipping worldwide. Generally, there are some t-shirt in every swag or goodies pack but in my first one, there was only a few stickers. It was from Imgbot. Imgbot is a GitHub bit that optimises images in your repository for faster load time. Once you installed this form you can simply fill a google form and they will send you some cool stickerss.

First, visit imgbot website and click on try now. Now sign in with your GitHub account and allow access. Now if you don’t have uploaded any image in your repositories. Create a repository with an image and imgbot will create a PULL request on it to optimize images. Now merge this PULL request and fill this Google form this form is also available on imgbot website. You just need to copy the URL of the pull request that imgbot created and fill this form. I received my stickers in 21 days from imgbot in India from FedEx.

Wanna buy some cool developer shirts at a cheap price? Check out here for awesome T-shirts or design your own. Happy Coding! Happy Hacking!

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  1. akash

    I didn’t found any form to fill. Could you help me with it?

  2. Prajal

    is it still valid ? I uploaded the images but no pull request came ?

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