Free Generate Kindness stickers

Free Generate Kindness stickers

Hello friends,
We at Geek Swags. As always, here with another opportunity. Today, In this blog, I am going to tell you about an opportunity, in which you can get some free stickers.

This is about a company named The Generate Kindness Foundation which is a 501(c)3 California non-profit corporation. Its mission is to generate kindness among peoples through creating reminders and opportunities. In this mission, they generate kindness games and resources for teaching kindness in the classroom. So, a giving away of millions of “free stickers” is also part of this mission.

How to get FREE stickers?
To receive FREE generate kindness stickers, you have to fill-up the form (link is given below). In which you have to fill basic details like name, your complete shipping address, email address. After these entries, they will ask you some questions like, “How did you hear about Generate Kindness?… You can answer it by ‘Through social media’, ‘through friends’, through internet’ etc.
Then next they will ask “Can we email you? Yes! because of updates for your free sticker shipments. Then next “Anything you’d like to say to us? here you can share some positive responses. Then If you are from the USA or Canada then fill YES otherwise NO! That’s all the basic stuff you
need to do.

Link for registration(Click Here)

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