Get Scaler Goodies By Attending Online Events

Get Scaler Goodies By Attending Online Events

What is Scaler Events?

Scaler academy is an online platform that offers students and professionals courses to enhance coding skills, which help them in cracking interviews and tech rounds of big MNCs. They generally organize the free online master class for students. And these classes are highly knowledgeable and are organized by tech experts. With every class, they offer a refer and get free goodies. This program is so simple. You need to refer your 5 (Depends upon event sometime maybe 10) and get awesome goodies. They offer a free T-shirt, amazon echo, google home, and cash prices. Again this depends upon event to event. I will be listing all their active events here on this page regularly, so keep checking.

How to participate-

You can find the link to the active events below. So first, register yourself, and you will see a referral link. No share w=it with your friends, and you can see your registration count on the registration page. Once your referred people attended the event, you will be eligible for goodies, and you will need to feel the address form, and they will be delivered to you for free. 

Here are active events-

Build your first ML project with Tensorflow 

High-Level Design: How a Website Running on One Laptop Scaled to Become a Unicorn

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