Scaler Swags Just For Registration

Scaler Swags Just For Registration

Hello friends, We at Geek swags, here with another opportunity.

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As you know, Scaler academy always conducts free webinars or masterclasses. And along with that they also reward those who help their friends or colleagues by referring them to their learning material. Scaler academy is an online platform that offers students and professionals courses to enhance coding skills, which help them in cracking interviews and tech rounds of big MNCs. They generally organize the free online master class for students. And these classes are highly knowledgeable and are organized by tech experts. With every class, they offer a refer and free goodies.

About the event:

Topic: How to prepare for tech interviews? A session for working professionals

This will be starting on Sunday, 10th Jan 2020 at 5 PM and it is an online 3hrs free masterclass. Link of the masterclass will be shared with you on the email id which you will provide while registering.

As this event is only for working professionals, and even if you are a student, you can still enroll in this event. How? that’s what I am gonna tell you in this blog. While there’s a lot of content out there on the internet that one can scour, is it not better to learn straight from someone who actually sat on the other side of the table and ensured that the company only hired the best? So in this event, you will have an opportunity to learn 1:1 with someone who hired hundreds and led the tech team. 

Get a closer look at what it takes, and prepare yourself better for the next one.

About the Instructor: 

Abhimanyu Saxena, co-founder at Scaler by InterviewBit and someone who led tech teams across’s New York, Berlin and India offices, will be the one taking this Masterclass.


This Masterclass is only for working professionals with at least 1 year of work experience. So if you are a student, then you can fill in a minimum of one year of experience while registering.

How to enroll?

This is so simple, you will find a link to enroll in this event below. So first do register, then you will be having a referral link, by this you can share it with your friends and ask them to enroll in this event.

Refer and Earn:

For 5 referrals – ₹500 and scaler t-shirt

For 10 referrals – ₹1000 and scaler t-shirt

For 15 referrals – ₹1500 and scaler t-shirt

For 20 referrals – ₹2000 and scaler t-shirt.

Please note 1 valid referral = 1 person, who is a working professional with 1+ years of experience, registered for the Masterclass with your link, and will attend the masterclass.

Click Here To Register And Get Swags

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